Saturday, June 27, 2009

Busy week here ....

It has been a busy week here. On Monday, I took Torrie to her ophthalmologist in Palm Beach Gardens. The doctor is giving her a new Rx for glasses (which we need to check with the low vision doctor to see that it is the correct Rx). I am working on a low vision eval to refine that Rx (Torrie may need aids at a later time thru the low vision doc too).

Tues-Fri was VBS at Sunlight Community Church. The theme was Crocodile Dock and Moses made a daily appearance. Torrie made several crafts, played games, watched a movie and really enjoyed being at the VBS with other friends! The snacks they served sounded DELICIOUS!!!!

Bryanna got to babysit Tues, Wed & Thurs. She played basketball with the dad on Wed and went again today. It is a good workout for her and Scott is a coach (but there are no jobs here in the county). Bryanna is good on offense but needs to work on defense. Bryanna will be playing basketball every Wed during the summer. She will be ready to go when basketball starts at school.

I took Torrie to the doc yesterday -- she's had a few bloody noses and was doing a precautionary trip to the ENT so we don't have a problem in Detroit. She has an ear infection - her right ear has liquid and the left is inflammed. We have antibiotics that we have started her on that she will take for 10 days. She is already not coughing, sneezing & blowing her nose as much.

I am getting Torrie & I ready for Detroit. I am slowly packing our clothes and getting our paperwork together. We have a full week, so I am trying to do a lot of this early - but not too early that all my clothes are wrinkled (I don't iron much). David and Bryanna will be pulling up our rug and putting a laminate wood floor down. The rug is the "original" from 1992 and has a lot of Gigi hair on it so we really need to get rid of it. The bedroom will look very nice once the floor is laid. I am glad I will not be in all the dust and gunk that will be coming up with the rug!

Hope all will have a happy July 4th -- I probably will not do another entry until we return from Detroit! I will have pics and lots to tell!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Father's Day coming up

Well, it has been a quiet month so far. Bryanna is babysitting on Tues, Wed & Thurs for a friend. She is actually earning money!!! It has been pretty easy for her so far. She loves staying up late and waking up very late in the morning, just in time to go babysit.

Torrie and I are waiting to go to Detroit. It is 2 weeks from today and I know I cannot wait. I am also looking forward to some COOLER weather - the temps are about 10 degrees cooler and the humidity is less than 50%! It will be a very welcome change for me! We are still looking for sponsors for the 5K March for Independence. Go to to support Torrie and I.

We are going to celebrate Father's Day by baking brownies for David. It will be a quiet day and we will probably grill a steak outside (although that could change by Sunday).

It has been quite hot and humid already, so we are playing Wii in the house. I try to get Torrie outside but it is so oppressive already, we prefer doing Wii. Torrie is a really good bowler, without even trying.

Hope all Dad's have a wonderful Father's Day and that everyone is enjoying their summer.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Help still needed

Your help is still needed!!!! Torrie and I have committed to join the National Federation of the Blind's March for Independence - A Walk For Opportunity fundraising event. This 5K Walk will take place at the National Federation of the Blind's national convention in Detroit July 3-8. Our goal for the Walk is $500; we are half-way there. Please support us with a donation by selecting the "Support Doreen" button. By helping us reach our goal, you will see that together we CAN make a difference. The money raised from this event will be returned to NFB state and local affiliates in the form of grants and direct funds. It will also be used to support the NFB Jernigan Institute's programs for children, youth, college students, adults, and seniors. Together with the National Federation of the Blind we can change what it means to be blind!

There are three goals for the Walk: to raise funds, to educate the general public about blindness, and raise awareness about the NFB. This organization is so dear to us because it has changed what it means to be partially sighted for Torrie, our family, and countless others. Torrie (with her cane, Rosie) and I will "march" with others that feel as strongly as we do about the National Federation of the Blind. Help us to raise our minimum pledge of $500. By clicking the "Support Doreen" button on the website, you will go directly to the donation page.

We want to thank you in advance and we'll keep you informed of our progress.

Watch for pictures when we return.

Love, Torrie

Saturday, June 6, 2009

May in Review

I apologize for not posting anything in May. But now I will give you our month.

May 1st was the Faith Baptist Spring Extravaganza. Bryanna has several different in different skits. The program was great! The kids all did an excellent job! Bryanna really enjoyed her drama class.

Bryanna began practicing for the volleyball team for next year. She had some back, neck and knee pain so we took her to the chiropractor. She still has pain in her knee and has decided not to play volleyball. She will play basketball and is signed up for the basketball camp in August.

Bryanna had her finals the week of May 18 and she was finished May 22nd. She did okay, and would have done better if they had had more time. She did okay for a first year back to school with a full year of Abeka curriculum. She is so happy to be done! She will be returning next year and go into 8th Grade! OY!

Bryanna will be doing some babysitting over the summer time for an 11-yr old boy. She is anxious to earn money ... and has already spent some of it! I will see if she is so "eager" to spend money when it is her money!!!!

Memorial Day weekend was a National Federation of the Blind convention in Boca Raton. We had an awesome time and the conference reinforced the need for Braille and cane for Torrie. The cane will give her the confidence she needs to be able to move about without banging into things and falling off curbs as well as let others know she needs some space to travel in. The Braille will help her so that she does not have to struggle to see print. (Our plan is to do print & Braille - we will be working on those soon). Torrie was in the Palm Beach Post for "Cooking without Looking" and they were making taco salad for lunch.

At the convention, I was elected as Vice President of the Family Division of NFB. I am also a new member of the Parent Leadership Program. With the Leadership Program, I will be going to Detroit for the national NFB convention. Torrie and I will be going while David and Bryanna will be home (they will be taking out our rug in our room and will be putting down laminate flooring). I am excited to be going and will be able to learn a lot!

Torrie and I will be doing the 5K March for Independence and are still looking for donations. Please go to Go to "Support Doreen" and make a donation. All donations are tax deductible and a receipt will be sent via computer! Thanks in advance for your support.

On Friday, June 5, we enjoyed a few hours at the Tradition Fountains before the rain. The kids all had a great time -- and the moms got to enjoy quiet time together while eating M&M's. Boy, were they good! We hope to do more water days over the summer! As most of you know, we have had our share of rain over the past few weeks -- so we are no longer in a drought!

So now you are caught up with life at the Franklin's! We hope you enjoy our blog. Hope all of you have an awesome summer!!!