Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas and New Years Eve

This Christmas was Torrie's 3rd Christmas with us (very hard to believe that she has been home with us for 2-1/2 yrs!) Torrie was very aware of Christmas this year and wanted to know all about baby Jesus' birth. She was very worried about a chocolate cake for Him, so we made sure we had a pie for Him. When Bryanna was younger, we had a cake for baby Jesus also, so we started to do a cake this year again. Torrie "knew" of Santa but didn't notice the presents from him under the tree. She got a basketball hoop so she has been playing with that for the last week. She got clothes and a few other toys but she is really taken with the basketball hoop.

Dinner was "unconventional" with steak on the grill, chicken wings & hot sauce, cheesy potatoes and yams followed by a pie for baby Jesus and other cookies. We had friends over for our dinner. Of course, it was hot that day so we had to have the air on. The last few days have all been beautiful cool days! Torrie got to blow out the candle on the pie and she was thrilled with that. No one went away from the table hungry ... and the leftovers have been just as good to enjoy!!!

We are going to go to a New Years party tonight at a friends (this is where Paycheck used to be boarded). They are having a bon fire with kielbasa and sauerkraut .... and probably enough food to feed a lot of folks. I am making ambrosia and Heath Bar crunch to go over. I am getting very good at making the Heath Bar crunch and it continues to get better with each batch.

We are also hoping that our little Minnie will be a mommy soon. Once we know for sure, I will post to the blog. This will be her first litter and we are very anxious.

We have been truly blessed this year with God's grace and health. We hope that everyone will enjoy a blessed 2009 and that God will continue to give all of us His awesome peace and love. Happy New Year .... Love, Doreen, Dave, Bryanna & Torrie

Bryanna IS 13!!!

It is hard to believe that Bryanna turned 13!!!! David and I can remember how small she was when she was born 13 years ago. She weighed 6 lbs, 8 oz and had skinny legs. We got to meet her at the hospital when she was about 8 hrs old; we stayed for several hours and got to feed her and hold her. We came back on Dec. 23rd and brought her home. We showed her the tree and she was immediately drawn to the lights.

That day, Bryanna met Grama, Grampa & Auntie Luberacki who immediately adored her (she was their first grandchild). On Christmas, Bryanna met Grama & Poppy Franklin; they hadn't had a baby grandchild in many years so they, too, adored her.

Today, Bryanna is on the basketball team at Faith Batist and was on the volleyball team (she is a better basketball layer than volleyball player).

We celebrated with cupcakes instead of a cake. Bryanna got a Wii and Wii fit - they will be her present for birthday and Christmas and any other "holiday" we can get thru. Bryanna and I reminisced about our first night with her at the hospital (you know, one of those "mom moments."

Happy Birthday, Bryanna!