Thursday, April 1, 2010

What's up????

Wow, I see it's been 3 months since I posted - I guess I've been busy. I have gone back to school and am in the Master's Program for Visual Disabilities at FL State University. I am taking 2 classes; one on line and the other I drive to Fort Lauderdale once a week. Both classes are very informative with info on Torrie! This has helped with her IEP with the district.

It has taken a year, but Torrie will receive cane instruction beginning April 5th when she returns from spring break.!!!! This is an answer to prayer!!! God is faithful!!! We got an independent evaluation which "saw" a lot of things that David and I have been seeing. My job now is to find the kindergarten that will best serve her needs, so I have been checking out classes.

Bryanna is in her last semester of middle school! OY! She wants to go to the public high school and she is looking at the criminal justice program. She is on spring break this whole week and has been hanging with friends.

We hope that everyone will have a wonderful Easter!!!

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