Saturday, February 28, 2009

Lion Country Safari

Torrie had her first sleepover with Mikala & Gwen Wednesday night, the night before going to Lion Country Safari. Then it was time for Lion Country Safari. Torrie was able to go with friends on February 26th. She had a blast both days!!!

Torrie was soooo excited about being able to pet a giraffe and let it eat out of her hand (no, I did not tell her its tongue was L-O-N-G) but told her she would feed it just like the horses. She also petted and fed sheep in the petting zoo.

Torrie and friends also rode the paddle boats and all the rides (I didn't think she would get on some of the rides, but she surprised me). She could not stop telling us all about it when she got home on Thursday! She had an awesome time and everyone kept an eye on our "little missy."

Sad news

I have not blogged this last 2 weeks as we have had some sad news. David's dad went Home to be with God on February 21st. It has been a hard week but we have been surrounded by our family and friends who have provided love, support and prayers to help us through. We thank you all for your support.

David's brother, Jerry, and his wife, Pam, came to PSL on February 13 for their annual trip. They saw dad that afternoon, even though Harbor Place was in "lock down" from the flu. Within days, dad was confined to his bed and on oxygen. On Saturday, friends were with David, Jerry & Pam praying and singing "Amazing Grace" while dad went Home to be with Mom and God.

We have truly been blessed by our friends, family and church! Dad and Mom leave a huge hole in our lives, but we know they are enjoying the streets of gold with God!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bryanna is growing up ...

I know I've said it, "My baby is growing up!" and as you can see, Bryanna is! Faith Baptist had a Valentine banquet and Bryanna and classmates went on Friday to the gym that was transformed into Venice with the theme of "That's Amore." Guests dined on a spaghetti dinner and got to see some skits performed by the teachers.

We borrowed a gown from Carenet's Cinderella's closet and Bryanna was a princess! (She even wore her hair down!!!) Bryanna had a great time that night ... but was ready to get back into her basketball uniform yesterday.

Bryanna has not played basketball with her bruised ankle/fractured growth plate since the first game. She was tired from the game but was excited to be back playing with the team! The girls did not win but they did score more points this game than their first game! The girls did a super job for a first-year team!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Walk for Life and more

February 7 was Carenet's Walk for Life. We were to get pledges to walk 1-mile around Jensen Beach High School. It was our first time to walk (Bryanna walked a few years ago with friends). The day was overcast and a bit chilly so it was great walking weather. We turned in our forms and were surprised to see there was breakfast of bagels, bread & chicken-biscuit sandwiches from Chick-Fil-A; there was also hot chocolate, coffee and water. For the kids, there were balloons and face/hand painting as well as a bounce house. Torrie got a beautiful flower painted on her hand. There were several Christian dance groups and a hip-hop/rap singing group.

We walked on the school track field - I went 3 times, Bryanna went around 6 times with a friend from school, and Torrie went around 4 times with someone from her Lil K class. Torrie had a blast being able to run freely with all these other people! She loved it!

Then the prizes were announced ... and Torrie won 2nd place for the $70 in pledges for kids under 6! She got Dr Seuss's "Horton Hears a Who", a "quarter horse" bank, a ribbon and some candy. I was amazed because I had no idea there were prizes; and then for Torrie to win was incredible! Thank you to all who helped support us!

Then we had lunch of hot dogs or hamburgers, potato salad or chips, super sweet oranges and lemonade or water. It was an awesome day. Carenet raised their biggest amount of $42,000+. It was their 20th anniversary and it started at Morningside!

Then Bryanna and her friend wanted to go to the mall. David came to pick Bryanna up and as I started my van, it would not start! So David dealt with the battery and I took the girls to the mall. After shopping a bit AWAY from mom, they wanted to go to a movie, so I continued shopping. The girls had a great time hanging together. Obviously we came home pretty tired!